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Aiming Higher

Aiming Higher

The annual PcVue International Meetings were held this September at Les Mazets des Roches in the Provence region in the south of France. Experts from all over the world gathered to share their experience and discuss our breakthrough in an unchartered territory; contextual mobility.

Providing fast and easy data access in real time to workers who rely on SCADA, depending on their location and responsibilities has been our mantra. The technical and sales seminars were the occasion to exchange on our new Proximity Based Service offer and consolidate our vision of a market that has been untapped until then. Envisioning together how to innovate according to our customers’ needs.

To do so, Tarascon near Avignon was chosen to host the week-long event. Among other activities and discoveries of the region, our team had the opportunity to visit one of the most technologically advanced cave in the world. La Grande Salamandre is an underground cave with the size of a football stadium, it is adorned not only by its natural resources (crystals, minerals, etc) but also by a multitude of colorful lights. The site offers its visitors the possibility to enter the cave by its ceiling, rappelling down the walls, as well as spelunking tours through the hidden galleries. We enjoyed our inner explorer instincts in an eco-friendly environment since the cave is integrally lit by solar energy. A field in which PcVue continues to grow.


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Tuesday, 14 August 2018