ARC Informatique launches a free training program in Africa

ARC Informatique launches a free training program in Africa


ARC Informatique has had a long commitment in Africa.  For more than 15 years, the company has supported African firms such as ASECNA, Total Angola, Sonatrach Algeria, TIERI Ivory Coast, Renault Morocco and KENGEN Kenya among others.

The company recently began an initiative for engineering schools and other technical institutions that includes training and guidance on technology innovations for quality, production traceability and building management.

This initiative includes PcVue SCADA licenses and educational courses for teachers. The approach allows teachers to build on their knowledge and design new courses based on a PcVue learning platform. The ambition of the program is to build expertise and create new vocations on the continent.

On the occasion of this program launch, Grâce Samnick, coordinator for this project at ARC, gave an interview to Inspire Afrika to discuss the project mission and its aspirations. Inspire Afrika is a cultural magazine that celebrates innovations and advances in industries, associations and communities that make a real change in their local communities. ARC Informatique is featured in the 16th issue, Business section.

Find the complete interview in French and English.

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Tuesday, 14 August 2018