PcVue 16, at the heart of transformations

PcVue 16 for Digital Assistance, Smart Buildings, Power Systems, Cybersecurity

The newest version of PcVue, the PcVue 16 platform, has been released. To cater to the evolving needs of its users, the platform has been enhanced with new features and technologies to increase efficiency of remote operations with digital assistance, meet the requirements of markets such as smart energy systems and building, and ensure high levels of cybersecurity.

This version presents a robust, reliable, and secure package that contains the whole PcVue platform's innovation and openness to better monitor your BIM application, video protection system, and energy efficiency monitoring among others.

Improve the performance of your teams with our digital assistance solutions

PcVue 16 supports operators with digital assistance that includes smart bots for interactive instructions, automated reports and access to subject matter experts SMEs. This full set of digital services allows operators to access their organization's resources, leading to better results and smarter decisions. Operators can consult experts, access necessary documents, and submit their work in real-time, providing vital information for analysis and future planning.


Optimize development time and costs in energy and smart city

This latest PcVue version improves operations of buildings to optimize energy consumption and ensure comfort and security of occupants with features for video protection, access control, intrusion detection and supports for BIM operations (Building Information Modeling).

PcVue 16 is able to integrate smoothly OnVif cameras or RTSP stream for seamless video integration in the mimics. For BIM operation, it is compliant with IFC files and includes a full featured built-in BIM viewer animated with real-time field values offering a first path for digital twin.

👉 See a demo on the implementation of Onvif and BIM in PcVue


Our solutions for energy management

PcVue 16 comes with a solution for the monitoring and control of EV charging stations giving access to a wide range of services to provide the best user experience for EV charging from operations to drivers. It includes the open standard protocol OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) for monitoring any charging station.

In addition, an EV-smart assist mobile app is there to help drivers along the EV charge process and a Smart Charging feature is available for global power optimization among many other features. And it is fully customizable!

As the electrical power industry is expanding into renewable energy sources, PcVue 16 offers a ready-to-use application set dedicated to the monitoring of Solar PV plant system to reduce your time to market.


Ensuring a high level of cybersecurity

The variety of systems, the convergence of operations technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) and the multiplication of cyber-attacks are potential risks for critical sites under supervision. That’s why PcVue 16 reinforces the cybersecurity features such as PKI integration and built-in OPC UA Client driver for a secure system architecture.


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