Update your SCADA system? A luxury or a must ?


What actions must be put in place to secure legacy systems against obsolescence?

The end of support for Windows XP, the end of life of your current SCADA system, aging hardware and cyber-security concerns are some of the many driving motivations for the update of your SCADA systems.

Microsoft has been supporting legacy Windows versions (XP, 8, 2003 Server…) for the last several years.  Now that support has ended, Microsoft has stopped providing security updates to protect these systems. With massive, worldwide cyberattacks such as the latest WannaCrypt it is clear that without security updates, these systems are becoming more vulnerable to cyber-attacks every day.

Indeed, these security updates were an important component of the fight against virus, malwares and spywares that are always evolving and can disrupt your systems at any time. It is why it is important to migrate your application to current operating systems for which security updates are kept current and available.    
Updating your SCADA systems is not a luxury but a must; to which ARC Informatique is completely dedicated. ARC Informatique and its PcVue Solutions offering, bring a wide range of solutions needed to address these concerns.

For more than 20 years we have been assuring a full backward compatibility of our products, including the migration from one Windows operating system to the next.  Our relationship with cyber-security specialists like Sentryo allows us to continuously enhance the security components of our offer. As such, updating your systems based on our products is easy and keeps them secure and reliable. 

Our sales and technical teams are available to answer all your questions and help you plan your system update.

Do not wait, plan your system update with us now, before it is too late.

For more information on PcVue and the WannaCrypt cyberattack, consult our Knowledge Base article


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