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Human, Systems & Connected Things

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The Department of Communication and Electrical Engineering of China Agriculture University launched its first class on the Smart Grid monitoring and Control software, in coordination with ARC Informatique – PcVue China. Professor YANG Jianhua has been instrumental in establishing the first Sino-French Laboratory on Smart Grid in Beijing and offer a specialty course to the undergraduate program. With 98 students in the program, it is hopeful that this generation of graduates will better understand the challenges and solutions of the Chinese Smart Grid.

Class PcVue ChinaWith the assistance of Professor JIN Tianjun and Professor WANG Jiangbo, half of the students have already been trained on the latest Power SCADA solution of PcVue 11.0 which provides state of the art tools in monitoring and control.

Students could simulate electrical network with dynamic bus bar coloring, while retrieving real-time power data from Beijing ShuangDian Intelligent Electrical Devices using IEC 61850 and 60870-5-104 protocols.

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Mastering Interfaces between

Human, Systems & Connected Things