Mastering Interfaces between

Human, Systems & Connected Things

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  • PcVue Solutions enhances the user experience      


  • PcVue Solutions facilitates exchanges between human, systems and connected things  


  • PcVue Solutions ensures reliable and efficient supervisory system for your assets

Hassle free migration of FactoryLink® or MonitorPro® projects to PcVue

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Modernization of your SCADA platform is a necessary cost in today’s world. For most, migration adds little or no value to operations and maintenance organizations. The objective is to minimize cost and time while preserving an efficient, reliable SCADA system.

PcVue Solutions offers SmartGenerator, an automated tool for the modernization of FactoryLink® and MonitorPro® applications to the world-class PcVue SCADA platform. SmartGenerator maintains the look and feel of your application while preserving functionality and security. It is a wizard process which automatically migrates the majority of the application and requires no custom development.

Learn more about the PcVue Solution at our webpage or contact your local PcVue representative. We offer free technical support and other valuable benefits for FactoryLink® or MonitorPro® users who are ready to modernize with minimal cost and disruption.

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Mastering Interfaces between

Human, Systems & Connected Things