Mastering Interfaces between

Human, Systems & Connected Things

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  • PcVue Solutions enhances the user experience      


  • PcVue Solutions facilitates exchanges between human, systems and connected things  


  • PcVue Solutions ensures reliable and efficient supervisory system for your assets


The Visual Manager software for TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) / OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is designed for improving quality, lowering production costs and making equipment as productive as possible.

This solution is compatible with the French standard NF E 60-182.

Analysis of up-times

Pareto chart of reasons for losses


The pre-configured analyses let you quickly set up daily, weekly and monthly summaries by team and by machine, using basic information, machine stoppages, faults and software-acquired item counts. These summaries can be portrayed graphically (Pareto, pie-chart etc.) and as tables of values via Microsoft Excel. The software manages the task-based rules for data acquisition, which are also user controllable. The Acquisition / Analysis module provides connections to the supervisory / control components of the equipment. Data can also be entered manually via user terminals (reasons for unidentified stoppages, reject counters etc.).

Please contact your reseller or ARC Informatique to check whether Visual Manager is available in your geographical area.


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Mastering Interfaces between

Human, Systems & Connected Things