Promote your PcVue application with us!

We are looking for original, innovative applications, remarkable by dimension, for its graphic, mimics, architecture or environment.

Create your own Success Story about your project! Share your goals, challenges, expectations and which results you are expecting or if you already achieved them via PcVue.

PcVue Marketing and Communication’s team can create for you different kind of documents to promote your project with a PcVue’s application.

A Success Story

Our marketing team can create for you a success story through a very detailed pdf document about your project. It will be downloadable directly from our website to illustrate a market (BMS, Energy...) or a type of application with your project.


This success story can be promoted to all of our customers worldwide via our bi-monthly international newsletters. In each emailing, we highlight a PcVue application through a customer success story.

Blog article

You can also request a blog article promoting your project on this current platform. All of our articles are shared on our social networks: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. You can take advantage of this opportunity to share this article on your own social media as well.


Your project can also be promoted on our website as a reference, more succinct, on one specific webpage, accessible through the corresponding Market’s page .

Interested? Please visit our webpage to explore some examples of document and fill the form. Our team will reach you as soon as possible to create together a content to promote your project and company.

If needed, you may request an activity’s report of the communication about your project, we can provide data on the number of clicks, downloads, views, likes, comments, shares or interest on your PcVue application.

If you want to communicate on your PcVue application, please fill the following form.