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Discover our innovative solutions

In an increasingly communicating universe, PcVue Solutions innovates with solutions that facilitate exchanges between people, connected objects and the SCADA system by taking advantage of the latest mobile and geolocation technologies: NFC, BLE Beacons, QRCodes, GPS….

A new generation system that is proactively and securely presenting the right contextual information, to the right person, at the right location and at the right time.
IPS (Indoor Positioning System) and the long-standing Global Positioning System (GPS) are standard features of today’s mobile devices. PcVue Solutions has developed a mobility infrastructure that takes advantage of these new technologies to serve a contextual mobility based on proximity and location services.
The mobile worker is now able to automatically get relevant information on his mobile device depending on his location and his role without the need to navigate.
This disruptive innovation allows for dramatically improved performance and efficient operation and safety.