The Mobility Opportunities

The rise of smart mobile devices and the impact to SCADA

The massive adoption of smart mobile devices in the professional world in the ever more connected world of the Internet of Things (IoT) or the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) raises new opportunities and also new challenges. The systems generate more and more data that has to be filtered to bring relevant information on smart mobile devices with their limited size screens. Moreover, the way in which people interact with smart mobile devices differs from the way in which people interact with laptop and workstations. Historical approaches to monitor, diagnose, maintain and control industrial and building assets must be reconsidered.


The PcVue Mobile Solutions

The SCADA mobility reinvented

What is needed is a system that is proactively and securely presenting the right contextual information, to the right person, at the right location and at the right time. IPS (Indoor Positioning System) and the long-standing Global Positioning System (GPS) are standard features of today’s mobile devices. PcVue Solutions has developed a mobility infrastructure that takes advantage of these new technologies to serve a contextual mobility based on proximity and location services. The mobile worker is now able to automatically get relevant information on his mobile device depending on his location and his role without the need to navigate. This disruptive innovation allows for dramatically improved performance and efficient operation and safety.


  • Take advantage of the growing availability of data
  • Transform big data to relevant information
  • Display information in the context of location/role
  • Automatically push information to the mobile worker
  • Protect the data


  • A dedicated mobility server with a Contextual Logic Engine
  • A contextual mobile HMI with proximity & location services
  • A mobile interface with notification based services
  • A rich graphical HTML5 web interface
  • Works with standard smart mobile devices
  • A Secure design