Security Alerts

Despite the strict methods and precautions employed when designing, developing and packaging our products, security vulnerabilities may occur.
This page lists all known security alerts on products designed by ARC Informatique. Visit it frequently to get up to date information.

Security vulnerability is a matter we take very seriously. It is our policy and practice to swiftly deal with it and help you protect your systems.
Security bulletins are available to our customers to describe vulnerabilities and give guidance in the mitigation effort.

Alert Id Status Last  update Description
Product Security bulletin
2011-1 Completed Nov 21st 2014 ICS-ALERT-11-271-01: PcVue HMI/SCADA multiple ActiveX Vulnerabilities PcVue 6.0 and later,
FrontVue - All versions,
PlantVue - All versions
2012-1 Completed Nov 21st 2014 ActiveBar, a 3rd party component used in our products is subject to an alert.
More information is available at Microsoft KB2562937
Microsoft released a Windows security update addressing this issue in August 2011.
PcVue 6.0 and later,
FrontVue - All versions,
PlantVue - All versions
2012-2 Completed Aug 30th 2012 ICSA-12-024-01: Ocean Data Systems Dream Reports XSS and write access violation vunlerabilities. Dream Report versions prior to 4.0 -
2018-1 Open Jan 22nd 2018 ICS-ALERT-18-011-01B: Timeline and concerns related to the Microsoft Windows updates designed to mitigate the Meltdown & Spectre  vulnerabilities PcVue,
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